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Family members, most frequently daughters and sons rather than spouses, are the primary caregivers for senior relatives who have opted to age in place. Gradually, caregiving needs can exceed the time or capabilities of family, and professional caregivers may be hired to help provide necessary care. As caregiving tasks continue to escalate, the professional help assumes more responsibilities and becomes the primary caregiver while the family plays a secondary role in day-to-day involvement. The effects of aging, mobility impairment, heart disease, or other physically deteriorating conditions can make long-term caregiving a necessity. Many agency caregivers report that they work about 4.5 hours per day in the home and have done so for 5-9 years.

Have you reached the point where your loved one’s needs are simply too overwhelming? Do you find yourself neglecting your immediate family and your own self care to provide help for an aging parent? Then it’s time to get the help that you and your loved one both deserve. Shamrock Home Care can place caregivers to provide the physical help that your loved one needs. If you have any questions, please call 203-256-1804. We are here to help you both. We are located at 60 Katona Dr., Suite 18, Fairfield. Licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Health Service. Certified by Medicare and Medicaid. We accept many health insurance policies."When you open your door, we open our hearts."

P.S. About half of the caregivers polled responded that senior clients needed help with at least one personal care activity.

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